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This is an exercise. There’s no right or wrong answers. It’s just an opportunity to pause, reflect, and think about the imminent end-of-life transition. It’s a tragedy to fear the inevitable, and so this exercise is intended to help us gently wade into the uncertain waters of our own mortality. 

For some, this work can be scary, uncomfortable, and triggering. As your guide, it’s my intention to make sure you remain in control of the pace, tone, and outcomes of this process. I’m simply here to guide you through a series of questions for your consideration. You may choose to dig deeper into any portion of this exercise, and set certain questions aside for another time. How you approach this work is entirely up to you. 

Let's begin here: 

Imagine you have 90 days to live from today. You are the same person you are right now: same age, same level of health, same standard of living, etc. The only aspect that may be unique to your current reality is that 3 months from today, you will take your last breath.


For this exercise, assume your death will come after an undetermined decline in health. It’s unknown how long that transition may take from how you feel today until your steady decline leads you ever-closer to the day you pass. You may assume your decline will result in eventually being bed-bound, in the care of others.


That said, you will be given the opportunity to reflect on a series of questions designed to prepare you for your transition from life to death. This exercise is a unique exploration into what options you may ultimately choose, when the time comes to prepare for your actual crossing. It is my great honor to guide you on this journey.

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