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With unmatched reverence for each individual's unique experience, my approach reflects a deep commitment to honoring your personal wishes. 

Akaljeet    (äh-Kähl-jeet)


Consulting services to help you and your family plan how you wish to die, what happens to your body after you pass, and how your survivors celebrate your life.



Hands-on comfort therapies designed to calm the body and ease discomfort, along with consulting services to support survivors during the active-dying process.



Hands-on services for body care, including ceremonial washing, ritual, shrouding, remains retrieval, as well as services for celebration & bereavement.


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Because this work is tender, personal, and intimate — I insist on offering every new client a complimentary 30-minute discovery session. Let's start by spending a little time getting to know each other. It's my pleasure to meet you.
To schedule, simply email

Serving the Roaring Fork Valley & Beyond

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I was dealing with an oncoming death transition in my family.  Although I have spent decades learning from traditions around the world about dying, I didn't know what to do. What was next? What to ask? Am I prepared? How will I know? Am I alone? Akaljeet's process in bringing awareness to my emotional self, the steps to come, and preparing me for this transition, answered all of those questions for me and many I hadn't thought of. Peace, love and gratitude is what I walked away with.  Thank you, Akaljeet.

Steve  [5 Pillars Bridge Services]
San Diego, CA

My wife and I chose Akaljeet to guide us through an end-of-life process using her 5 Pillars exercise.  Sharing the physical, emotional, spiritual, practical and mental aspects of the end-of-life transition helped us better understand what each of us wants and needs from each other and our families during that part of our lives.  Akaljeet was a kind, compassionate, caring professional at all times while providing this very valuable gift to the entire family.

Bob  [5 Pillars Bridge Services]
Basalt, CO

Akaljeet is an exceptionally perceptive woman who brings authentic compassion and empathy to her work as a death doula. In our sessions she listened intently to my words and to the internal messages of my heart. She reflected my thoughts with clarity, and offered keen insights into my concerns about death. In this process the fears that I have held about letting go of life faded; replaced by an acceptance of the natural order of my living a memorable life, then dying in a manner I chose. I cherished Akaljeet's caring approach and the small rituals that deepened the meaning of our time together. I am most grateful for her untiring efforts to help me define my beliefs and put into words my deep connection to the Divine. I will carry this mantra with me forever.

Marshall  [5 Pillars Bridge Services]
Carbondale, CO

My husband and I chose to go through Akaljeet’s 5 Pillars program to clarify, for ourselves and each other, our end-of-life desires. With Akaljeet's wise, kind, and competent guidance we were able to communicate deeply about our end-of-life needs in ways that not only brought us closer, but also gave us invaluable information that will help us - when the time comes - to have clarity about what each of us wants and needs, to have a meaningful, gentle transition. I feel incredibly lucky to have access to  someone of Akaljeet's skill and integrity to help with these important conversations.

Deb  [5 Pillars Bridge Services]
Basalt, CO

It was amazing to be there to witness such a courageous conversation delivered with such heart and tact. I am forever grateful that you are doing this work. On behalf of all of us, thank you!

Christy | Sopris Lodge Senior Living  [End-of-Life Bed Side Services]
Carbondale, CO

Thank you so much for all your help, love and guidance. It really helped me feel like I sent my mom off well, with beauty and dignity. 

Allison  [End-of-Life Bed Side Services]
, CO

The ceremonies we created around my husband's dying allowed me to pause to be present and truly honor the journey. I am so grateful for Akaljeet's reverence. 
Betsy  [End-of-Life Bed Side Services]
Missouri Heights, CO

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